Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

In certain parts of the world, hiring a wedding planner to help you organise your wedding is second nature. Here in Ireland though, it’s still a relatively new concept. Movies and TV shows have led to a misconception that wedding planners are for celebrities, and only when a truly lavish and unique wedding is in the making with a massive budget to boot. We’d like to dispel that myth today and talk to you about how a wedding planner works and why you might need one. There are also different types of planners out there, and many that provide a variety of services (like us here at True Romance Weddings) that will suit you, your needs and your pocket.

Full Service Wedding Planner

This is a wedding planner who will guide you from your engagement right through to the big day and beyond. This is most useful for couples who have very little free time on their hands, or who may not be the most adept at organising things. It can also be ideal for couples who are living abroad and planning a destination wedding. A full service wedding planner will help you decide on the concept for your wedding (time of year, style, size, must-haves), source suppliers from the venue to the cake, maintain communication with you and your suppliers throughout the planning process and be your right-hand man or woman on the big day itself. The full service wedding planner will guide you through every step of your wedding and ensure that your vision is achieved.
Wedding planning Ireland wedding planner

Partial Wedding Planner

Some wedding planners, including True Romance Weddings, offer partial planning services for supplier sourcing. This can be very useful when you need to make the big decisions such as the wedding venue and the music. They will help you to determine the style or type of supplier you are looking for and then source a choice of vendors which are available for your chosen date and within your allocated budget. They can negotiate on your behalf to ensure you are achieving all of your requests, such as exclusivity, song choice, menu types and so on. Again, this particular service is ideal for couples planning a destination wedding who need a little help to get the ball rolling.

Wedding Day Co-ordinator

This type of wedding planner is for the wedding day itself, and generally doesn’t have much involvement before the wedding aside from meeting with you to discuss the schedule for the day and obtaining contacts for all of your suppliers. They will be on hand from the morning of the wedding to assist you in getting ready, ensuring your ceremony space is prepared, liaising with suppliers to reconfirm times and addresses, can distribute supplier payments on your behalf, and work with the reception venue to ensure everything runs smoothly. A
day co-ordinator will be well versed in how a wedding ceremony should run, so can assist you and your guests in ensuring that timings are adhered to, guests are seated, rings are ready and photographer in place. This type of planner is most useful for couples who have no problem organising the wedding itself, but want someone to take the pressure off on the day and take care of certain duties that might otherwise fall to relatives or friends.
Budget-wise, you may be surprised to find that a wedding planner will work within yours, and when involved in sourcing suppliers can often end up saving you a lot of money through negotiation skills and an endless supply of contacts in the industry. A recent wedding planned by True Romance Weddings, which had a very average budget, came in a whopping 15% below what they had originally planned to spend – and that was including our fee!
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