All About Vintage

The world’s obsession with vintage everything just keeps on spreading. From tea shops to home decor to fashion, we are no longer looking for cool and modern. Vintage-inspired weddings are at the forefront and have proven to be an insanely popular and truly beautiful theme. You can choose to have a few small details or plan the entire wedding on the basis of vintage style – everything from the ring to the dress, flowers to table numbers, invitations to desserts. Your wedding will stand out to your guests because as popular as they may be, no two vintage weddings will ever look the same. It is a wonderful juxtaposition of how a trend can be completely unique.

The Ring

Your personal style will dictate the kind of ring you choose (or that is chosen for you) but this may be exactly the catalyst you need to plan a vintage-style wedding.

The Style

A lot of women don’t think they would be able to pull off a vintage gown, but there are so many more options than you might think. Remember that when you are shopping for a new dress, you will be shopping the trend for that particular season, and hundreds of other brides getting married around the same time could end up with similar colours and styles as you. So if you want to be truly unique, try a shop which specialises in vintage wedding dresses, or if you are confident enough, look online and on ebay. If you are buying online try to buy a little bigger than you normally would to allow for alterations. I would recommend that if you are carrying the vintage theme throughout the wedding, work from the era of your dress, i.e. if it is a 1950’s style, this might be carried through in other ways such as tea dresses for the bridesmaids, a swing band and rock n’ roll style suits for the guys.

Flowers & Decor

Your beautiful vintage theme can inspire your flowers, centrepieces and decor for ceremony and venue. Quirky little details like these will inspire you and your guests will never forget your wedding.

You can achieve this beautiful and romantic style with items that you’ll find just about anywhere! Antique shops are a good place to start for one-of-a-kind items, but look in discount stores and department stores also for vintage-inspired goods such as fabrics, teacups, keys, books, lanterns, birdcages – anything your heart desires! The beauty of this theme is that nothign has to match – it justs adds to the quirky feel of the day.

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