Choosing the perfect place to pop the question

It’s been a while since I posted here! I am delighted to announce that my beautiful son Henry was born on the 4th of November safe and sound! He has been keeping me very busy, and I do hope to be back blogging properly really soon, but in the meantime I’m delighted to share this great infographic from Bespoke Diamonds.

bespoke diamonds ireland engagement ring
Source: Bespoke Diamonds

Are you struggling to find the perfect location to pop the most important question of your life to your partner?  This infographic will really help you out! It suggests 10 ideal locations for proposing to your partner, including the Trevi Fountain, Empire State Building and Taj Mahal. The suggestions cover both traditional, popular locations and more obscure but no less beautiful settings, so you’re sure to be inspired by the selection contained here.

If that wasn’t enough of a guide, it also gives great advice on what to consider when deciding on where to pop the question, as well as some interesting statistics about marriage proposals. For example, did you know that just over half of women surveyed said that a simple “Will you marry me?” is their preferred means of popping the question?

For anyone planning on getting engaged and trying to organise the perfect setting for this life-changing moment, this infographic is essential reading.

perfect place to pop the question

Bespoke Diamonds is a diamond retailer based in Dublin. Owned by Martin Commins, it works with eight of the world’s most renowned diamond dealers to receive the best quality products in the industry, with each diamond stocked by the company conforming to the highest standards on the market.

Once you’ve popped that question and hear the magic ‘yes’, why not hire a wedding planner to help you plan the perfect wedding? Contact us at True Romance Weddings for a free consultation and to see how we can help you!

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