Eschew the tradition

With DIY and creativity now such a huge part of the wedding business, couples are starting to shy away from the traditions of old that often dictated some elements of the big day. The modern bride and groom are making the day their own with quirky invitations, non-traditional receptions, civil ceremonies and really giving the day the personal touch. So what else is changing?

The Bridal Party


The movie ‘Made of Honour’ inspired a whole barrage of ‘bridesmen’ and ‘best women’. A close friend of mine has threatened he will show up in a bridesmaid dress to both mine and our mutual friend’s weddings – and to be honest, we are all so close that we would both want him to be up there with us on the altar anyway! A relative who has passed away might be remembered with a reserved seat and a photograph, and mothers, brothers and friends are standing in to give away the bride in place of an absent father.

The Bill


It was always traditional for the bride’s parents to foot the bill for the wedding, with the bride covering such items as the bridesmaids dresses and gifts and the groom covering the honeymoon. This has now changed with the times; in many cases the bride and groom paying for the wedding together or with contributions from both sets of parents. Because so many people are budget conscious many couples don’t want to put the financial pressure on their families, and start saving long in advance of the nuptials to cover the cost themselves.

The Cake


The traditional fruit cake has fallen by the way side – mainly because it can be a waste of money, with only a tiny portion of it being consumed! The cupcake cake has well and truly taken the lead in the wedding stakes, with a small traditional cutting cake for photos and a delicious tower of cupcakes for the guests. Dessert bars and cake pops are also becoming very popular for both the cocktail hour and for after dinner, with some brides choosing to have a ‘sweets-only’ reception instead of dinner! That would go down well with me, but what do you think?

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