If it can go wrong…

…It will go wrong. Murphy’s Law is not just an old wive’s tale, it tends to happen more often than not! In Ireland and the UK especially, we have a visitor who almost always makes it their business to attend a wedding – mother nature. There are no predictions anymore for what time of year is the best to avoid rain – for years it was June, but the past 3 years have proven this is not the case, with some of the worst rainfall in Ireland recorded during this month. In 2010 and 2011, April split the stones with sunshine, causing many couples to choose April 2012 for their big day. Sun? What sun? In fact, the best we’ve gotten this year was a couple of days in March and 3 days in late May!

So what to do when you can’t predict the rain? First of all, don’t stress out about it. It probably will happen, and some even say that rain is good luck on your wedding day. The more you accept that it may happen and the more prepared you are for it, the less stress you will have on the big day if it actually happens. First things first, umbrellas in all of the bridal party’s cars! Ensure that the reception venue also has some handy so that your guests don’t get soaked running from their cars to the door. For your photographs, have a contingency plan. You might not be able to get to those beautiful gardens, but your photographer will have a back-up plan to shoot the photos either in their studio, or at an indoor venue. Make sure to ask your reception venue if they have any nice spaces for photographs too.

Aside from the weather, there are other little bits and pieces which might not go according to plan, but you can always be prepared! Have your emergency kit on hand (your chief bridesmaid should look after this) with painkillers for headaches, antacids to counteract a heavy meal, clear nail polish for any stocking runs and safety pins and mini sewing kit for emergency tears. It is also a good idea to keep white nail polish and baby powder to hand – use the nail polish for scuffed bridal shoes, and the baby powder to soak up any greasy stains on your dress.

If, for some unimaginable reason one of your suppliers bails on you the day of; don’t panic. By rights, the supplier should organise someone to take over on their behalf, but if they can’t, there are quick fixes for just about anything. If you florist flakes out, get a friend or family member to go to the supermarket or local florist and buy up as many of the same type of flower in as many shades as they can. Cut the stems to one length, and wrap ribbon tightly around and keep in place with pins. They may not be what you imagined, but at least there can be uniformity. Roses are an easy choice as they will be available year round. If your photographer can’t make it and has no one to take over; figure out which guest has the most professional style of camera and ask them to take as many pictures as possible. You can always have them retouched afterwards. If the baker doesn’t show; stores such as Marks & Spencer here in Ireland & UK often have simple, white iced fruit cakes that can replace a wedding cake; alternatively buy up as many iced cupcakes as possible! A good tip is to give a contact number for all of your suppliers to your reception venue so that they can keep an eye on things and will try to help if someone is running late.

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