Magnificent Monochrome Wedding Ideas

Choosing a colour scheme for your wedding can be one of the biggest decisions you'll have to make. Do you have a favourite colour? Will it work for the season that your wedding falls in? Is it too loud or garish? Lime green may not exactly suit a low-key, vintage wedding, likewise pale pink won't be the most suitable for a carnival-style wedding. Monochrome could be the way to go. Generally, monochrome means black and white or varying shades of one colour; for the purposes of this blog post we're going to talk about the elegance of a black and white palette. This great combination, while it may sound a little safe, can lend a real feeling of glamour to your wedding, no matter what the season. It's also the go-to colour combo for a black tie wedding. Here are some of our favourite ideas for creating the perfect monochrome wedding palette! Attire This is probably the easiest place to start with your monochrome colour palette. Brides can add a black sash, shoes and jewellery to their big white dress; the guys will look dashing in either a black tuxedo with white shirt and even bowtie, or for the more daring groom a cream tux with black accents will look amazing. Bridesmaids will appreciate a flattering black gown, and if you are letting the girls choose their own dresses, black will give them lots of options. For the bride who wants to turn tradition on its head, a black gown a lá 90210 star Shanae Grimes will be a real statement, and you could have your bridesmaids kitted out in white. [gallery type="rectangular" size="large" ids="1269,1270,1271,1272,1273"] Decor Black and white wedding decor will make a striking impact on your guests. No need to overdo it; subtle details such as white chair covers with black sashes or black chiavari chairs, black and white striped ribbon on the cake, black napkins, black vases filled with white blooms...the options are endless! [gallery type="rectangular" size="full" ids="1275,1278,1277,1276"] Flowers With lots of choices for white or neutral colour flowers, black will be where you might meet a roadblock! But don't worry, there are other ways to incorporate black into your bouquet and your ceremony and reception flowers. Black silk, feathers and pearls can be tied in with white blooms, along with black satin stem wraps or even black and white striped ribbons. Anemones also have a beautiful black centre and are a great option for a monochrome look. [gallery type="rectangular" size="full" ids="1282,1281,1283"] Stationery Your wedding stationery is the first glimpse at your wedding style that your guests will see. Monochrome invitations will look elegant and stylish, and will actually work even if you're not planning on carrying the monochrome theme through your wedding. You can carry the look through to your ceremony programmes, menu cards, table numbers and table plans, and even follow up with a thank you card for your guests that features a black and white photo of you and your new husband or wife. [gallery type="rectangular" size="full" ids="1285,1284,1286"] Do you plan to have a monochrome wedding colour scheme? Tell us all about it!


Tanza Cooper

Black and white weddings are so beautiful and elegant. My wedding colors were black and white – 22 years ago. I’m glad to see it is still “in”.

Lisa @ A Bride On A Budget

Black and white is so classy looking. I would add in a pop of metallics (because I’m obsessed with them right now) and run with it!


The black and white together is very pretty and elegant. Very beautiful, also I love how you talked about the options for the Groom as well! Also, the bridesmaids perhaps choosing their own dresses. I would love to work with a bride and groom that chose monochrome as their colors/style.

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