Over-flowered: the best non-floral centrepieces

Flowers are the go-to for decorating your wedding; but if you're in search of something different, try these ideas for a unique alternative (also useful if you have allergies!) Candles are your friends! [gallery type="rectangular" ids="675,678"] Keep it natural [gallery type="rectangular" ids="680,670"] Vintage Styling [gallery type="rectangular" ids="672,671"] Elegance and Glamour [gallery type="rectangular" ids="682,681,674"] Nautical but nice Nautical sailboat centrepiece Modern & Quirky [gallery type="rectangular" ids="679,677"] Floral without the flowers [gallery type="rectangular" ids="673,683"] For more great ideas, contact True Romance Weddings *All images from Pinterest*


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Fabulous that you share so many great alternatives to floral. Not sure which one I like better, the elegant glamour or the nautical. Can’t miss me with either one.

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