Perfectly Groom’d

It’s the bride’s day, right? Her day to shine, she’ll make all the plans, and she is the key decision maker. Well, not any more – the grooms are here, and they want in! They are making the appointments with the venues, the suppliers and haggling on pricing. They are involved from the beginning, and don’t you forget it. As a supplier, wheb you meet a couple, speak to them both, ask them both questions, and keep eye contact. While many men will say, “whatever SHE wants”, that’s not always the case. He wants to feel just as important and as key in the decision making process, so please, please ensure you don’t ignore him. It could be a dealbreaker if you do.

When it comes to your own groom, keep him up to speed. He will be your rock throughout the planning, and if you get stressed out, he will be there to help you through. After all, this is your wedding day, and it should be a marriage of the things you BOTH love. So every decision, from music to attire, food to venue, keep him in the loop and ask for his opinion. But beware, he could turn into a groomzilla!

Groom sees his bride

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