Popping the Question: 5 Unique Proposal Ideas

Finding a creative way to propose to your other half can be difficult for many people. You have to think about a lot of elements – do you want to do it public or private? Do you want them to cry or laugh (or both)? Then there are the anxiety levels – what if you put a huge amount of effort into your unique proposal, and they say no? We can gain inspiration from other people’s proposals, but it’s always important to personalise it in some way to your own relationship. Today we’re giving a rundown of our favourite unique proposal ideas.

The Fairytale Fantasy

For the girl who has always dreamed of being a princess, a romantic proposal at Disneyland is the ultimate dream come true. The backdrop of the castle or even a flash mob involving her favourite Disney characters will make the occasion truly unforgettable.

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Source: How He Asked

On Top of the World

Perfect for the outdoorsy type, a hike to a scenic mountain top culminating in bended knee will bring tears to anyone’s eyes. This would even work for someone who’s not into outdoor pursuits, as it will be an even greater surprise and an epic photo opportunity. Top tip: get someone to hide and capture this on camera to preserve the amazing memory.

Unique proposal ideas
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Kidding Around

If you have kids, it is a lovely and really personal idea to get them involved in your proposal. Have them make a sign or a homemade card with the message “Mommy, will you marry my Daddy?” or similar, or get a t-shirt made to surprise them with. If you can’t wait til they grow up, there was one guy who had a babygro made for his newborn baby. He dressed her in it and handed her to her mummy in the hospital bed, and captured the whole thing on camera – so adorable and really emotional.

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Family Affair

This can be a tricky one as you will need to get his or her family involved, and you’ll need to be sure that they’re capable of keeping a big secret. It will probably only work for someone who is very close with their family too – if not, perhaps getting their friends in on the act instead will work better. If you’re planning to do it at a family event such as a wedding or birthday, make sure the host is ok with you stealing their thunder! It’s best to keep them at a bit of a distance for when you actually pop the question, as you won’t want to be crowded immediately with well wishes, but you will cherish the photos and memories later on.

Unique proposal ideas
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Sweet Memories

Catch your other half completely off-guard by proposing with a hidden message in her favourite treat – be it a cup of tea, her favourite dessert or the old classic, dropping the ring into a glass of champagne. This can be done in private or public, depending on what works best for you both.

Unique proposal ideas
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Did you have a really unique proposal experience? Tell us all about it!

P.S. Don’t worry if your proposal doesn’t involve fireworks or flash mobs – sometimes these things are most beautiful when it’s just the two of you, in the comfort of your own home, in your pyjamas. Love is all you need.

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