Romantic Wedding Hair

With the popularity of more relaxed, natural weddings, comes a need for romantic, soft hair. From gentle waves to loose up-dos adorned with flowers, here is a selection of our favourite romantic wedding hair looks. [gallery type="rectangular" size="full" ids="1258,1259,1257"] [gallery type="rectangular" size="full" ids="1256,1255,1254"] [gallery type="rectangular" size="full" ids="1253,1252,1251"] [gallery type="rectangular" size="full" ids="1250,1249"] You can find all of these styles and more on our Pinterest Board! For super-soft, romantic tresses, here are some tips to make sure your hair is in perfect condition in time for your wedding: 1. Don't wash your hair every day Oils and additives in your shampoo, conditioner and hair products can damage your hair over time. Give your locks a chance to recover and wash every second day. Wash your hair the night before you get it styled, as it won't be too silky and will be much more co-operative for your hair stylist! 2. Take it easy on the straightener! Heat products such as straightening irons, curling tongs and even hairdryers can damage your hair, especially if you're using them every day. Let your hair in its natural state for a couple of days in between use to allow it to recover from heat damage - you may even find your hair starts to grow faster once you do! 3. Find the right shampoo for you Ask your hair dresser for advice on the best hair products for you. Whether you have fine, thin hair, unruly curls or a thick wavy mop like me, it's important that you're using the correct products. If you're worried that your stylist will push their expensive salon products on you, explain your budget to them or ask a good chemist. 4. Trim regularly If you want your hair to be in tip-top condition, and wish it would grow faster, regular trims are for you. Stylists recommend a visit every 6-8 weeks. 5. Watch your diet A poor diet can affect your outer beauty as well as inner, so if you want glowing skin, flowing hair and strong nails, look at where you might be missing out on certain vitamins and nutrients in your diet. Calcium, vitamin E and Omega-3 are a good place to start, but always ask your pharmacist or nutritionist for advice first before you start taking supplements. Try to get them naturally in your diet firstly.



Wonderful tips, and pretty pretty hair styles, brides can appreciate such awesome tips!

Regina - Professional Wedding Assistant

Gorgeous hairstyles and great tips. My favourite style is in the bottom right picture. Thanks for sharing. :)

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