If you’re intent on having a theme running through your wedding, it can be a difficult thing to choose. So many couples choose a theme just for the sake of it, throwing a beach theme into a city hotel venue when they have no interest in the sea, or naming tables after tractors when it made no sense to their guests (I’ve seen it done, several times!). The Great Gatsby is very popular at the moment with thanks to the recent movie – a fabulous theme, but what if your other half has no interest in literature? What if 1920’s fashion doesn’t suit your body type? If you are going to have a theme, be creative about it and be willing to stick to it. There’s no point in having themed wedding invitations if it has no place on your wedding day. So how do you choose? Here are a few questions to help inspire you:

Where did you and your fiancé meet?

Where did you go on your favourite date?

Do you both share a love of a particular type of music?

Where was your favourite holiday together?

Are you both obsessed with a particular kind of movie, eg horror, action, comedy, classic?

What are your favourite colours? Could they work together as a colour scheme?

 The answers to the above questions should give you a few starting points – they define you as a couple and will make sense to your friends and family. It will be a real conversation starter and make it feel all the more personal for you – especially helpful when you are holding your reception somewhere that is otherwise quite plain.


Great Gatsby Inspiration
Great Gatsby Inspiration

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