To cake or not to cake, that is the question

Wedding cake is a bone of contention for some. Spending hundreds on an extravagant, tiered creation that may go to waste; arguing with your mother about whether or not to include the dreaded fruit cake layer, and getting roped into letting a relative make your cake (their first attempt!) - all sounds wonderful, right? So unless the first option sounds perfect to you, how can you keep the cake tradition in your wedding while still being true to your own taste? Here are some perfect cake alternatives:

Cupcake Tower

Avoid the tears with tiers of exquisite cupcakes in a variety of flavours, colours and decorations. A gorgeous cupcake stand will look incredible too, long after the crumbs are gone. For an elegant, black-tie wedding, go with lashings of ivory or taupe whipped buttercream with diamante and pearl accents, or black rolled icing with lace patterns and ribbons. Achieve a more rustic, homely look with a stand made from slices of timber, moss and all.

[gallery ids="294,295,296"] Chocaholics

An impressive tower of chocolate truffles will look incredible and satisfy the biggest chocaholic's cravings! Keep the fussy guests happy with some more traditional cutting cakes that can be served out at midnight with the truffles.


French Fancies

Go for the real wow factor with a Croquembouche or Macaron cake, delicately accented with spun sugar and sugar flowers.

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Pie in the Sky

For the pie lovers, how about a selection of mini pies stacked on a cupcake stand, or larger pies on a tiered cake stand? Fillings such as chocolate and hazelnut, lemon meringue, bakewell and apple crumble will go down a treat!



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