Wedding Dress Shopping - who to bring and who to leave at home

Choosing your wedding dress can be one of the most fun and also one of the most stressful occasions during your wedding planning process. It's such a big decision that you're more than likely not going to start looking on your own. Trying to decide who to bring with you to these appointments is a huge decision in itself - you want people who will give you their honest opinion but you also want to feel good. If you don't take criticism well, bringing along a relative or friend who is a little too honest could ruin your whole day. So who should you ask to come along with you? Today we discuss the merits and pitfalls of he various members of your bridal entourage. Wedding dress shopping tips True Romance Weddings The Mother Most brides, if they're lucky enough to still have their mother in their life, will immediately choose their mother to come along with them to their bridal appointment. Depending on your relationship, this could be a great decision or a terrible one. There are all different types: the mum who adores her little girl and will say anything to make her happy, the mum who criticises every outfit you have ever worn and will be no different in a bridal boutique, the mum who offers no opinion at all, and the one controlling the budget - watch out for this one! If she's paying for the dress, she may feel she has the biggest say in what you choose. If you feel that your mother will be more of hindrance than a help, it may be best to leave her at home when you go dress shopping. Ask for her help in another area of your wedding so that she doesn't feel left out. The Mother-in-law This seems to be more of an American trend, but bringing your mother-in-law to your bridal appointment is starting to become more popular. Some brides are very close with their future mother-in-law and wouldn't feel comfortable without her there, however for those not so lucky - if she causes you more anxiety than calm, don't ask her to come with you. Wedding dress shopping tips True Romance Weddings The Sister(s) Like your mother, your sisters could be a great help or a big disaster when it comes to dress shopping. Older sisters can be very helpful in guiding you in the right direction if they're already married, while a younger sister can also offer a very honest opinion while remaining respectful and tactful towards their older sibling. Beware of the fashionista sister however, who may have a very strong opinion of what you should be wearing or may be more focused on what she would choose for herself. The Drama Queen This could be a relative, friend or bridesmaid who needs to make everything about themselves. They will talk about 'me' and 'I' but rarely 'you'. They may complain about how long the appointment is taking, how many dresses your trying on and you could end up feeling rushed. Even if this person is part of your bridal party, they are not likely to be of any help to you while dress shopping, so don't ask them along. The Know-it-all This person is either married, getting married or thinks they know more than you about weddings. Perhaps they've watched every episode of Don't Tell The Bride and Say Yes To The Dress, and think they know how the bridal appointment should go. They could be liable to hijack your appointment and may very well annoy both you and the bridal boutique consultant. Wedding dress shopping tips True Romance Weddings The True Friend You may have known them for your whole life, or maybe you've only worked together for a few months. This person is honest with you but also tactful and caring. They will know how to say no to something without making you feel bad, and will help guide you towards the right decision without pressuring you into it. They'll tell you if your butt looks big but will balance it out with a compliment about your arms.This person could be a friend, a sister or brother, a cousin, a parent - regardless, this is definitely the person you want with you as you make one of the biggest purchases of your life. Do you have any crazy stories about your wedding dress shopping experience? Tell us about it!

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Wonderful tips about who to bring when wedding dress shopping! Thanks for sharing.

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