Weird & Wonderful Wedding Traditions

Not seeing your bride or groom-to-be the night before the wedding, throwing your bouquet over your shoulder, something borrowed, something blue...these are the traditions we are all familiar with, things that are present in almost all weddings. Here are some that you might not have heard of, and that you probably won't want to incorporate into your big day! Indonesia - it is traditional for the groom to step on an egg, after which his bride must wash his feet in front of all of their wedding guests! French Polynesia - this one could go viral for those who don't like their in-laws! In French Polynesia, the bride's family must lie face down in the dirt, while the groom walks over them... Borneo, Tidong Tribe - you need to be strong-willed for this one, and avoid the champagne. In this tribe, if you are about to be married it is traditional to remain in your home for three days with no bathroom breaks. None. India - if a woman wants to marry a tall, strong man, first she must marry a tree. Yes, a tree. This superstition then involves cutting the tree down before marrying a real man! Denmark - kisses all around here! If the bride leaves the table during the reception, thus leaving her groom alone, all of the female members of the bridal party must rush to the groom and give him a kiss! Likewise, if the groom leaves his bride alone, the groomsmen must shower her with equal affection. U.S.A., the deep south - jumping the broom originates from ties of slavery when African-American couples were not allowed to marry and so would jump over a broom together in place of a traditional ceremony. This tradition is still incorporated into many African-American ceremonies today. China - a bride-to-be will weep for one hour a day in the month running up to her wedding day. She is then joined by her bridal party to create and perform a 'weeping song'. And of course in Ireland, we have many of our own traditons. Ringing a silver bell means that the newlyweds must kiss on command, and the action is also thought to keep evil spirits away. Placing a Child of Prague statue outside the house on the night before the wedding will ensure good weather, and the wedding party should always take the longest road to their destination after the church. Funnily enough, Saturday is said to be the unluckiest day to marry, and yet is the most popular day for weddings in Ireland! Child of Prague - keeps the rain away

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