What Matters Most

I met with one of my brides last week who is getting married in 2 months time. She is very organised, but in a calm way which is great to see! Her wedding will be beautiful and there are lots of very classic, elegant touches that we are adding to it to make it extra special.

She asked my opinion at one point on booking extra entertainment for during/after the meal, such as singing waiters, magicians etc. She didn't seem too excited about it, but rather it turned out that her mum's friend had suggested it. I asked, is it very important to you to have additional entertainment during the meal? Is it something that you've witnessed yourself and really enjoyed? Is it a must-have? Ask yourself, what are the three most important things to you about your reception, that simply have to be good. Together we determined that the food, the wine and the band have to be great - and that if those three elements are succesful then she would be happy, her groom and her family would be happy, and most importantly, her guests will be too.

As a bride, you are going to be inundated from day one by magazine articles, Pinterest ideas and advice(solicited or unsolicited) from friends and family. Don't get too bogged down by trying to achieve everything and pleasing everyone if it doesn't fit in with your original plans. Focus on the most important elements, whether that's food, or fireworks at midnight, or a relaxed, informal party, and you will ultimately be very happy.

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